Brandon's Journey

Brandon, an advocate at Gratiot Integrated Health Network, has worked incredibly hard on his mental health recovery. He uses his creativity and passion to help inform and support individuals seeking help. Brandon has the following to say about his piece “Because I’m alive.”

“I’ve had numerous struggles in my life that I didn’t know how to overcome. I got stuck and continued to struggle. I thought I was out of options and I didn’t know how to solve these problems. One day, at a very critical time, I asked for help. It changed my life forever. Getting help wasn’t easy, but it was well worth it. I didn’t realize that asking for help could be so important! Many people I know struggle asking for help. With this song, I would like you to know it is ok to ask for help, even in the most extreme situations.” -Brandan Hahn

This song is a great opportunity for our agency and consumers to promote their mental health journeys and recovery.  We hope it adds to the amazing work our clinicians do, as well as, the amazing work the consumers of Gratiot Integrated Health Network put into their recovery as they begin to grow and understand themselves.

Please join us in honoring Brandan’s journey by listening to his song using the link below