About Us

Gratiot Integrated Health Network, established in 1966, provides services and supports for those with mental illness, Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities, children with Serious Emotional Disturbances, and those with Substance Use Disorders.

Our skilled and compassionate clinicians help consumers set and achieve personal goals through evidence-based practices, with an individualized approach that is tailored to the needs of consumers.

We are engrained in the fabric of the Gratiot County community and are continually expanding and evolving to better meet the needs of those we serve.

Mission Statement
“Empowering the lives in our community by providing education and services.”
Vision Statement
“To provide care through integration, collaboration, innovative services and community outreach.”


We are committed to supporting a multi-cultural environment where individual differences are valued and everyone is recognized as having the ability to contribute to our community.

We are dedicated to the delivery of quality person-centered services. We strive to provide services which meet the dreams, desires and needs of our consumers.

We are committed to treating all individuals with dignity and respect. Everyone is responsible to conduct themselves in an ethical manner and is accountable for their actions.

We promote the open, honest, and supportive exchange of ideas and knowledge that facilitates growth and improves the quality of services.

We encourage participation between our consumers, staff and community members to address issues and opportunities, making shared decisions.

Board of Directors

Chairperson Irene O’Boyle
Vice Chairperson Dan Carley
Treasurer Joe Barden
Secretary Cassie Thelen
George Bailey
Luanne Billings
Angela Campbell
Sheryle Dixon
Tina Hicks
Jared Merchant
Kendra Overla
Thomas Sirrine
Cassie Thelen

For Board Inquiries, Contact:
Melissa Guthrie
Executive Assistant
Office: (989) 466-4145
Fax: (989)466-5470
Email: mguthrie@gihn-mi.org