Art Show Winners


Creative Minds Changing Minds


Engaging with art can reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress. In addition, using art as a form of expression can help individuals not only manage their own mental and emotional well-being but also inspire and heal others at the same time.  To highlight the recovery potential of art while spreading the message that mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of, local artists recently submitted their artwork to Gratiot Integrated Health Network (GIHN) for an opportunity to be chosen to represent Gratiot County in the Statewide Traveling Art Show sponsored by the Community Mental Health Association of Michigan (CMHA). 

 “Harmony” by Jackie Hurmence of St. Louis was chosen by visitors of GIHN as the artwork to represent Gratiot County in the Traveling Art Show that kicks off this June at the CMHA Summer Conference.    Jackie described her art as, “my growth in my life, both spiritually and physically.  Creating art has a calming effect on my life.”   

 The second-place artwork belongs to Libby Proctor of Alma. “Country Sunset”. When asked about her piece of art, Libby stated, "The sunsets are beautiful and creates a sense of calm for me to help my mental health. I like painting because it is a skill I know I have and can do well at."


Both artworks will remain on display inside GIHN through February.

The art show will tour Michigan at local Community Mental Health agencies, service providers, and art galleries for during two years.  The art will be available for purchase during the tour.

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